Sudan Education Emergency Appeal

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Sudan has become the biggest displacement crisis in the world.

Sudan Education Emergency Appeal to Support Displaced Children’s Education Continuity

Sudan is now the world’s largest child displacement crisis with more than 3.5 million children forced to flee their homes and 25 million people in need of humanitarian assistance of which 14 million are children. Despite the grave situation, the sense of humour among children in camps, points to the resilience of adolescents affected by this crisis requiring immediate response to the challenges they face amidst this conflict and humanitarian crisis. The conflict in Sudan has so far killed more than 14,700 people and displaced 8.4 million more inside Sudan and to neighbouring countries like Chad, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt.

Even before the conflict erupted in April, nearly 7 million children were already out of school in a country grappling with poverty and instability since gaining its independence on January 01, 1956, from the British. If the war continues, no child in Sudan will be able to go back to school in the coming months and maybe years, leaving them exposed to immediate and long-term dangers, including displacement, recruitment by armed groups, child labor, child marriages and sexual violence. The failure to fund refugee-led and grassroots organisations in tackling and responding with localized efforts to this humanitarian crisis worsens the chances of overcoming the situation and numbers.

According to Save the Children Sudan “Sudan has emerged as the globe’s most extensive internal displacement crisis, with 4.4 million people newly displaced within Sudan, including around 2.5 million children. Additionally, 5 million school-age children find themselves trapped in areas of active conflict, placing them in the highest jeopardy of losing crucial access to education and essential protection services,”

In response to this crisis, the Education in Crisis (EIC) has established Focal Point Persons in both Chad and South Sudan, focusing on leveraging partnerships to end the education crisis of the refugees in the refugee camps. EIC’s emergency appeal calls on donors to urgently mobilize US$450,000 in new, additional funding to scale up EIC’s response to education crisis of the displaced and reach an additional one million girls and boys most impacted by the ongoing conflict with holistic, quality education.

While supporting alternative learning modalities in communities where schools can no longer be open due to safety and security concerns, the dreams of 19 million children out of school, according to reports from OCHA and UNICEF across the country pushes efforts to resume any learning activities.

Education in Crisis calls on the international community, regional organizations, Sudanese in diaspora and education supporters around the world wherever this appeal finds you to stand in solidarity with the Sudanese children whose education is in crisis, and to provide the necessary resources and support to ensure millions of Sudanese children can access a classroom and have the opportunity to access learning and psychosocial support in safe spaces both online and offline through guided implementation by EIC and partners.

To invest in their education is to invest in their future beyond reading, writing, and comprehension, children also learn social and emotional skills in school, which in a time of conflict can become a lifeline for coping with violence, loss, and trauma. To join us in providing the lifesaving support, means your contributions go a long way in providing school supplies, computers for online learning, internet subscriptions, bicycles, nutrition, healthcare, and psychosocial support. Even in conflict areas, a child having access to this is capable of inventing computer programs to solve learning crisis making dreams come to reality in the face of adversity.

We are profoundly concerned about the safety of girls, young women, and unaccompanied children, who are increasingly vulnerable to gender-based violence, exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking. As the challenges mount, our teams continue to reach communities with life-saving support.


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