Annual Results Report

The African Union’s 2063 agenda and the United Nations sustainable development goals 2030 set the stage for the humanitarian ecosystem to chart a new path forward to ensure that education creates safe, protective environments that promote the well-being and healthy development of all girls, boys, and adolescents via relevant, quality, holistic education. And yet, over the years, EIC through partners and our direct work with school and non-school children, has noted with great concern some chronic hindrances that are keeping them from unlocking their untapped potentials. Among them include feeling unworthy, deterioration in learning, and unfriendly childhood experiences, among others which have left some traces in their mental and physical health thus influencing their perceived selfworth, ability to trust others or themselves which come from dysfunctional families, unhealthy relations.

For children to navigate through their life’s dreams, we must invest in their full mental stability as well as the adults or people who are involved in their upbringing. While this requires time, commitment, and radical support, it requires resources and expertise to bring together professionals and reach even the hard-to-reach children and individuals living in such situations.


To be able to fully learn, children and adolescents face immense adversity and stress from limited or no basic needs to meeting the needs of the whole being.
Education, not only offers protection and health while they are in school but ensures that their mental health and well-being are protected and promoted while busy learning. This and many other barriers to education accessibility in Africa that only have worsened education crises should and must be prioritized by any means. It is for this reason that, we are mobilizing every effort from local to international levels, individual to groups, and private to public sectors to partner with us in investing in inclusive, equitable, quality education for all in 2023. Denying them an opportunity to chase after their dreams and achieve their full life’s potential is the greatest mistake by any society, individual, or government. By going to school, children and youth can learn the skills that are needed for their survival workplaces, and coexistence with the global people. This means they’re more likely to get a job in the future, earn an income, and support a family and their lives which in the long run, benefits the community, country, and the world in which they live; having a more skilled workforce drives economic growth as educated workers are paid more and work more efficiently. While education generates great rewards and impacts on the lives of the people, yet it is in serious crisis as thousands if not millions more are missing out on school each day with very little being done to prevent high drop-outs. You can make a difference through your support!


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