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The Challenge

Education is in crisis


George donated his first 1,000 copies of IMAGINE BEING GEORGE to raise additional resources to help educate a child to fight poverty tomorrow. Purchase a copy of the book or more at $30 each to make this possible. You can purchase the copies to donate to schools for children to read more about how an African boy struggled to get access to education and when he got it, is helping others to have access to it too.

Long-Term Impact

Enabling students to access education George struggled to get and successfully graduate from High School to college/university, will cause a ripple effect in their lives and communities as they draw lessons from a personality like George. Access to quality education helps create greater job opportunities. By purchasing a copy/ies, we hope to support additional children to access quality education.

Why you should support this

By donating his first 1,000 copies of his book, “Imagine Being George” he’s making a profound impact on the lives of children whose education is in crisis. Each copy sold will support the education of more children, meaning that this donation has the potential to provide educational opportunities for a staggering 100 children more.

This act of kindness not only demonstrates his commitment to improving access to education but also highlights the transformative power of literature in effecting positive change. Through his donation, George is creating a ripple effect that will uplift communities and empower future generations to thrive. It’s a wonderful example of how individuals can make a meaningful difference in the world with the little they can contribute that unlocks full potential of dreams.

While George donated 1000 copies, you can donate $30 by purchasing 1 copy or more whose proceeds will help make accessible quality education for a child in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. The book written by George tells a true story of how a boy who had a dream went after it until he achieved it and decides to give back to his community to support other children’s dreams to reach their potential just like him. This means, at $30 per copy, the impact of each sale is remarkable, supporting an additional 100 children in accessing education.

By investing in Imagine Being George, you’re not just acquiring a book; you’re investing in the future of countless children, enabling them to unlock their potential and build brighter futures. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling and the transformative impact of education.

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