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“I think people around the world do not know that Nuba Mountains region in central Sudan has been a war zone since 2011, and that people have been marginalized and made to think that they are just alone with no one watching” Isaac Abdu, EIC’s Regional Director – Sudan

Our current priorities include:

  • Securing children’s rights to a good start in life and a quality education.
  • Protecting children from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence, focusing on female genital mutilation and child marriage.
  • Supporting young people to learn skills, get good jobs and achieve economic security.
  • Protecting children in emergency and conflict situations.
  • Promoting the meaningful participation of children and young people in society.

At EIC, we believe that education is not just a pathway to success but a fundamental right for every child. Yet, we recognize that not all children have equal access to quality education and that is an #EducationCrisis. By providing secondary and post-secondary scholarships to high-achieving, low-income scholars, they can reach their full potential.  EIC is led by volunteer youth professionals from 7 African countries mobilizing individuals, governments, local and international education actors to invest in the Right to Education of every child and youth whose education is in crisis.

I’m reaching out to you today with a heartfelt plea to join hands in supporting education for children in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan State so that they too can have an opportunity to reach their potentials. In a region where war has since 2011 made access to quality education a nightmare, there is still hope for every child to say #SavetheDream succeed when given support. Often hindered by poverty, conflict, and systemic challenges, our collective action can make these young minds regain control of their dream paths and chase after them like wildfires. We just have to #SavetheDream by investing in their educational through contributing generously to this call.

This is why your support matters:

Transformative Impact: By investing in their education, we’re not just providing children with textbooks and classrooms. We’re unlocking their potential, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty, and become agents of change in their communities when they gain necessary skills and knowledge to navigate through life’s corners even in war zone areas like theirs.

Urgent Need: Many children in Sudan face daunting obstacles to education, including lack of infrastructure, unqualified teachers, and displacement due to conflict. Your support is urgently needed to ensure these children can learn and thrive which makes them think of their future instead of their past.

Empowering Girls: Imagine a girl in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains often faced by additional barriers to education, including early marriage and cultural norms that prioritize boys’ education. Your donation can help level the playing field, ensuring that all children, regardless of gender, have equal access to learning opportunities.

Sustainable Development: As you well know that education is the cornerstone of sustainable development. By investing in children’s education today, we’re building a brighter future for the region left furthest behind, one where educated individuals drive economic growth, promote social cohesion, and foster peace.

Global Citizenship: Trapped in a remote area for years, they only think opportunities exists in the Nuba Mountains but with your support, knowledge and skills exposes them to global citizenship. This can only be when we choose to stand in solidarity with children in the Nuba Mountains and support their right to education. Your donation is a powerful statement of compassion and empathy, sending a message of hope to those in need it most.

To deliver your support to them, here’s how you can contribute:

Donate: Consider making a financial contribution. Even what you would call a “small donation” yet can help purchase a pen, book, shoes, school bag etc. Thank for your donation, You can proceed to click HERE

Spread the Word: Share this message with your friends, family, and colleagues. Encourage them to join and amplify our collective efforts to support children’s education in the Nuba Mountains. Our social media is HERE

Get Involved: Explore opportunities to volunteer your time, skills, or resources to support our education programs in the Nuba Mountains. Whether it’s tutoring, mentoring, or fundraising, your involvement can make a meaningful difference. HERE

Together, let’s be the change we wish to see in the world. Let’s stand up for the rights of children in Sudan and support them to gain access to inclusive, equitable, quality education.

Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

With gratitude,

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