Statement on the pre-launch of #OneDollarCommitment Campaign

One dollar commitment

Help us place education within the reach of every child. Join Education in Crisis’ ##OneDollarCommitment Campaign and help us empower 1 child’s dream into a reality in areas where only education can eliminate poverty!

Education in Crisis’ $1 commitment campaign is a fundraising campaign with a goal to reach one Million Africans to commit to supporting children’s education by committing $1 so that EIC can send back up to 100,000 out of school children by 2025. EIC’s founding principle is; mobilizing local resources from local people to solve local problems faced by local people. To scale up its activities and continue to promote inclusive, equitable, quality education for poverty alleviation and sustainable development across the African continent, we must address the education crises. Thank you to all the members, both individuals and organizations who are already responding with a commitment donation to #OneDollarCommitment.

To respond to the pressing African humanitarian crises, the education crisis must be addressed, EIC pre-launched the #OneDollarCommitment resource mobilization campaign in a twitter space on July 3, 2023. Already delivering quality education to over 201 children across 5 African countries, the campaign calls on every African, donors, the private sector, philanthropic foundations and high-net-worth individuals to urgently mobilize $1 to scale up EIC’s investment in the right to education for every child, youth and adolescent whose education is in crisis.

Together with you, donors and other strategic partners, the campaign commitments will be announced during the Education in Crisis 5th year Anniversary taking place on November 9, 2024 in Arusha, Tanzania.

“The poverty is a chronic crises that Africa has battled for a very long time since gaining independence from their individual colonialists. Despite her very rich resources yet its human capital is under developed largely because of poor curriculums that do not promote practical employable skills but theory based knowledge. The financial resources to ensure that every child and youth can access a quality education remains in words. It is now or never that we invest in the next generation by ensuring that their right to quality education is prioritized and financed. This is why today we launch the $1 dream campaign to raise funds from Africans to unlock these resources only then can we empower their dreams,” said George Omer Nalo, Education in Crisis Chief Executive.

With your commitment, we are committed to help children, youth and adolescents reach their potential and connect on the continent and in the diaspora to act in solidarity with each other toward justice, peace, and dignity. Thank you!


Thank you for joining the one Millions Africans in committing $1 or more.

Note to Editors


The #OneDollarCommitment campaign encourages Africans everywhere in Africa to mobilize the person next to them to join the one Million African givers and business leaders to help contribute towards addressing the rise in education crises that has left children, youth and adolescents out of school and so requiring educational support to reduce poverty in the long run. Join the campaign by making a $1 individual commitment donation to Education in Crisis to support the #OneDollarCommitment that aims at sending back to school up to 100,000 children in 2025-2028 strategic plan.

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