Isaac Abdu

Isaac Abdu

Regional Director – Sudan


Isaac plays a crucial role in analyzing education policies, assessing their impact on marginalized populations, and identifying strategies to address systemic barriers to educational equity. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the Catholic University of South Sudan. Armed with a deep understanding of economic principles and policy analysis, he is determined to make a tangible difference in the lives of children by promoting access to quality education.

In 2020, Isaac conducted cost-benefit analyses of educational interventions aimed at reducing disparities in access to quality education. By quantifying the potential economic returns of investing in early childhood education, school infrastructure improvements, and teacher training programs, provided evidence-based recommendations for EIC’s resource allocation that prioritizes the needs of vulnerable children especially girls, thus starting with two out-of-school girls in the Nuba Mountains.

In addition to his analytical work, Isaac actively collaborates with grassroot communities where EIC works, educators, and government officials to design and implement targeted interventions tailored to the specific needs of each region. Through community engagement initiatives, Isaac fosters partnerships that empower parents, teachers, and students to actively participate in shaping education policies and practices.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact, Isaac volunteers his time to mentor students from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing academic support, career guidance, and encouragement to pursue higher education. He also participates in advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of equitable education especially for children in emergency and conflict areas like Nuba Mountains and mobilize support for their right to education.

Through his dedication and expertise, Isaac exemplifies how the principles of economics can be applied to support education for children, driving positive change and fostering a more equitable society for future generations. In his free time, Isaac enjoys reading about current economic trends, engaging community leaders, and engaging in discussions on economic issues. With a strong foundation in economics and a passion for making a difference in education sector, Isaac is a strong advocate for economic policies that drive positive change that transform education for every child.


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