Friday 12 December, 2022
Kampala, Uganda.
The Africans Rising awarded Education In Crisis with its prestigious Africans Rising Activism Award for unity, Justice, peace and dignity at its Annual Awards Ceremony held today in online via zoom virtual.
Recognizing our grassroots efforts for our tireless, incredible work that endeavors to deliver quality education for all children and youth. We will continue to envision a world that provides inclusive, equitable, quality education for all.
One of the best things that happened to EIC in 2022 was winning an award on the continental level. Recognizing our work in promoting inclusive, equitable, quality education for poverty alleviation and sustainable development by the members of Africans Rising was among the great achievements in our three years of grassroots work in mobilizing fellow Africans both at home and in the Diaspora to help make education accessible to all.
Education in Crisis was nominated among the 200+ plus organizations on the continent leading the change they want. EIC was among the 7 organizations that got nominated to be voted for in the 2022 Africans Rising Activism Awards. EIC came as the 3rd Runner-Up to be the best 3 organizations voted for by the 2,500+ members of the Africans Rising who cast their votes.
This humbled us and fuelled our desire to ensure every child whose education is in crisis gets an equal opportunity to learn and thrive in life in more years to come.
We thank our donors and volunteers for contributing to the winning of the award. It is because of their support that we are able to support children facing barriers to educational accessibility in Africa which is why we were recognized and awarded for our work.
The award recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations promoting peace, harmony and social justice in the world.
Education In Crisis was founded in August 2019 and registered in November 2020 to promote inclusive, equitable, quality education for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. While more children and adolescents continue to face educational crises due to high cost to learn, long distances from school, conflicts and wars, school requirements and lack of safety while in class in order to grow, thrive and reach their full potential. Since becoming operational, EIC mobilizes local and international individuals to invest their resources its strategic partners have reached more than 7 million children and adolescents through holistic education support.
EIC and its partners are calling on governments, donors, the private sector and high-net-worth individuals to urgently mobilize additional resources to invest in inclusive, equitable, quality education for poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

About the Education in Crisis (EIC)
EIC is an African youth led and founded organization with individuals committed to ending the learning and education crisis. We mobilize from local, national, regional and international partners and funds aimed at supporting efforts leading to transforming education for all so that every girl and boy can get access to inclusive, equitable, quality education needed to unlock their full potential and contribute to building a better continent.
For Media inquiries:
Okwalinga David, EIC Communications office
Tel: +256 788 284437

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